About Keeping Medaka Fish: Fry (Juvenile Fish) Breeding, and Spawning

How to keep Medaka Fish Egg

Items to Prepare for Medaka Fish Care

A brief explanation of the items needed for keeping medaka fish.

Quick Reference Table

Care Supplies Necessity Level
Container Absolutely Essential
Food Absolutely Essential
Dechlorinator Recommended
Air Pump & Filter Recommended (Indoors)
Light Recommended (Indoors)
Bucket Recommended
Net Recommended
Water Change Pump Recommended

About Medaka Fish Containers

Medaka are resilient creatures and can be raised in a variety of containers. However, for beginners, it’s advisable to raise them in a reasonably large container to reduce water contamination and make care easier.

For keeping ten medaka, it’s best to have a container with a capacity of at least 10 liters.

Indoor Care

For indoor care, it’s recommended to use an aquarium. Companies like GEX and Tetra offer aquarium kits with filters, allowing you to easily start keeping medaka.

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Besides aquariums, plastic cases used for keeping beetles are also recommended. Choose at least a large size.

Additionally, buckets, storage containers, or clothing cases sold at Daiso, or even the Styrofoam box in which the medaka came, can work for keeping them.

If you want to keep costs low, Daiso’s square storage box is a great option. It can hold 15 liters for only 200 yen, making it very cost-effective.


Other popular containers include NV boxes, washbasins, and mortar tubs.


Medaka are not picky eaters. Commercially available foods are all high-quality, don’t pollute the water easily, and are well-balanced. For hobbyists, any product will do.

Among widely available foods, the most reliable is “Medaka Egg-Laying and Breeding Food.” You can’t go wrong with this one.

I personally use “ParaClear,” a food that helps remove parasites. It’s more expensive than Hikari brand food, but it helps prevent disease, so I recommend it.

In addition to ParaClear, I also use “TetraKirimmin Breeding Food.” This food significantly increases the number of eggs, but it pollutes the water heavily, so I recommend Hikari’s Gold Pack for beginners.

Other popular foods include “High-Grow,” “Medaka IGP,” “Otome,” and “Rich.” High-Grow is particularly popular among professional breeders.

How to keep Medaka Fish Egg

Other Helpful Supplies

The basics like food and dechlorinator are essential, but other useful supplies are worth considering.

Air Pump & Filter

For indoor care, an air pump and filter can help keep the water cleaner. I use the Suishin air pump, which is very quiet.

For filters, I’m currently using a sponge filter, but any type will do.

How to keep Medaka Fish Egg