My name is Toranaga.
I am the number one medaka egg seller in Japan.

We raise several thousand medaka.
We ship medaka eggs over 500 times every year.

I run a medaka specialty shop in Tokyo, Japan. We sell over a hundred medaka eggs annually, making us the top egg supplier in Japan. Because of this, we can ship healthy medaka eggs overseas.


We raise hundreds of medaka in our Tokyo facility, and at our farm in Mie Prefecture, we raise over ten thousand medaka.

We promise to deliver genuine, beautiful, Japanese-bred medaka to you.


We operate in Tokyo.
We own a large-scale medaka fish farm in Mie Prefecture.

president(Shogun) Toranaga Matsuo (松尾 虎永)
address 〒165-0075
Japan Tokyo Shinjuku Takadanobaba 1-28-10-4F
Establishment date 2021/1/18