How to Create Dragon Blue Medaka: Price, Characteristics, Fixation Rate, and Where to Buy

**How to Create Dragon Blue Medaka: Price, Characteristics, Fixation Rate, and Where to Buy

**Dragon Blue Medaka** are a popular variety of improved medaka with a hikari body shape and blue fins. During their juvenile stage, they exhibit blue or green hues, while adults display a silver color comparable to Miyuki medaka.

This variety is highly sought after among improved medaka, and due to its low fixation rate through breeding, it is often sold at relatively high prices in shops and on Yahoo Auctions. However, it is accessible to everyone, allowing hobbyists to enjoy breeding them just like professional breeders.

In this article, I will introduce the **characteristics**, **price**, breeding tips, and **fixation rate** of Dragon Blue Medaka. ※Since this article also includes general medaka breeding content, it is recommended to consult with breeders or conduct your own tests for specific breeding techniques.

Characteristics, Price, and How to Create Dragon Blue Medaka

**Dragon Blue Medaka Characteristics**
Dragon Blue Medaka, with a hikari body shape, have diamond-shaped tails and dorsal fins that match their tails. Their bodies reflect blue or green hues under light.

As they mature, they turn silver, resembling the striking silver appearance of Miyuki Medaka. Breeding and fixing the traits of Dragon Blue Medaka is challenging, leading to significant price fluctuations on Yahoo Auctions depending on the season and listing timing.

**Identifying Dragon Blue Medaka**
To identify Dragon Blue Medaka, pay attention to their body shape and color. Dragon Blue Medaka have matching dorsal and tail fins, with a diamond-shaped tail and a hikari body shape. One of their distinctive features is their blue or green appearance under light reflection.

If the medaka you believe to be Dragon Blue do not have a hikari body shape or exhibit full blue or green coloration, it may be another type of medaka.

**How to Create and Fixation Rate of Dragon Blue Medaka**

**Creating Dragon Blue Medaka**
Breeding Dragon Blue Medaka is challenging, with a fixation rate of around 30%.

Additionally, it takes time to achieve the long fins characteristic of Dragon Blue Medaka. Selling them without these features can lead to issues, so it’s important to breed them responsibly and with care.

**Where to Buy Dragon Blue Medaka**
Dragon Blue Medaka can be purchased online. To find high-quality specimens, it is recommended to buy from aquarium shops, medaka specialty stores, or medaka events where you can see the fish in person.

Retail prices can range from 300-500 dollars per fish, which is relatively high. While fry are also sold, it can be difficult to determine their sex, so if you want a definite pair, it’s best to buy adult fish from a reputable shop or specialty store.

**Lifespan of Dragon Blue Medaka**
Medaka are long-lived fish, typically living 2 to 5 years. However, with proper care, they can live even longer.


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