Recommended Lights and Lighting for Medaka

This article explains the recommended lights and lighting for medaka.

Medaka Need More Than 12 Hours of Light Per Day

When keeping medaka in an indoor tank, it is recommended to keep lights on for more than 12 hours a day. While they won’t die without light, less than 12 hours can lead to them not laying eggs. Additionally, medaka fry may not grow well without sufficient light.

In fact, medaka lay many eggs and grow quickly under sunlight. When breeding medaka or raising fry, it is best to artificially provide more than 12 hours of light even indoors where sunlight doesn’t reach.

Affordable Chinese Lights Are Also Recommended

Lights for medaka and ornamental fish can be quite expensive. However, recently, affordable Chinese lights have been available on Amazon and other platforms. Chinese lights can be purchased for less than half the price of Japanese lights.

Specifically, you can get 30 cm lights for around 2000 yen, and 60 cm or larger lights for about 3000 to 4000 yen, making them a great option for those raising many medaka indoors.

However, a downside of Chinese lights is that there can be inconsistencies in quality, such as insufficient brightness or exposed wiring, which raises safety concerns.

Plant Growing Lights Are Also Suitable

Companies like GEX and other aquarium product manufacturers sell many types of lighting for medaka. Tropical fish lights are also suitable, and high-output lights for aquatic plants are said to be even more effective.

However, it has been found that inexpensive plant growing LED lights are sufficient for raising medaka. In fact, many medaka shops use plant growing lights sold on Amazon and other platforms.

The type of light shown in the image above can be used for up to four tanks at once and comes with a timer, making it very cost-effective.

Plant growing lights are available on Amazon and Rakuten for about 3000 to 5000 yen. They are recommended if you are raising many medaka indoors.

Recommended Lights for Medaka

Here are some recommended lights for medaka.

Derlights Plant Growing Light 100W Equivalent Full Spectrum

The Derlights Plant Growing Light 100W Equivalent Full Spectrum is a high-output LED light for plant growth. It is often installed in the ceilings of medaka shops and provides sufficient light to grow medaka indoors.

In fact, most medaka shops use this type of plant growing light. It is also installed in greenhouses. Therefore, buying this light allows you to recreate the same environment as medaka shops, making it highly recommended.

It is also very affordable, costing about half the price of tropical fish LED lights. The light’s spectrum is full spectrum, emitting various wavelengths that mimic sunlight, making it ideal for raising medaka.

This light is recommended for those who want to keep many medaka indoors.

GEX Clear LED Flat White Slim High-Brightness LED for Tanks Under 40cm


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