Characteristics, Breeding, and Pricing of the Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka

An introduction to the care, characteristics, breeding, and derived varieties of the Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka.

Characteristics of the Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka

The Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka is a selectively bred medaka created by breeder Seiji Tarumi in 2017. The definition of the Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka is somewhat vague, encompassing a wide variety of traits. According to the Japan Medaka Association, the definition is “yellow-black semi-transparent scales with glitter.” Due to their semi-transparent scales, the gill covers are visible, and any medaka with a black and yellow pattern and glitter can be considered a Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka.

However, even individuals without these characteristics are sold as Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka, with body colors ranging from blue to gold. Different breeders produce Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka that often seem like completely different varieties. Moreover, many Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka have black rims (net-like black patterns) rather than being purely black.

The image shows a Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka raised in my home, with many individuals featuring black rims, blue and yellow patterns, and glitter.

On the other hand, this Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka was purchased from another store. You can see that even among Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka, the patterns can be entirely different.

The Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka is a further refined variety of the Aurora Mikagura medaka. Besides Yozakura(夜桜), there are many other medaka varieties bred from Aurora Mikagura, such as Ulysses and Wings of Oblivion. Since they all look quite similar and are hard to distinguish, most offspring from Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka are considered Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka. In fact, it seems that if the seller calls it a Yozakura(夜桜), it is considered a Yozakura(夜桜).

My Method of Identifying Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka

I identify Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka by their black rims and semi-transparent scales with glitter. You can easily identify Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka by looking at their faces, as they have black net-like patterns.

The patterns vary greatly, with many variations from blue and black Yozakura(夜桜) to those with a strong yellow hue.

Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka are very popular, and among glitter medaka, they are likely the most popular due to their rich variety.

Breeding Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka

Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka are hardy and resistant to diseases, making them easy for beginners to care for. They do not have any specific quirks and can be kept similarly to ordinary Yang Guifei or Mikagura medaka. They can be kept both outdoors and indoors, but since their patterns tend to fade indoors, they are better suited for outdoor keeping to maintain their ornamental value.

Reproduction of Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka

Breeding Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka is simple. The females lay many eggs, and the fry are easy to raise. As long as basic care methods are followed, anyone can successfully breed Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka.

Stability of Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka Traits

The trait stability of Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka is relatively high among glitter medaka. However, due to their inherently varied characteristics, many different patterned Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka are born. Despite this, they do not produce completely different medaka (like Mikagura or black medaka), so their rich variety is also part of their charm.

Varieties of Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka

Due to their diverse expressions, there are various derived varieties of Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka.

Yozakura(夜桜) Gold

A variety with a stronger yellow hue than the regular Yozakura(夜桜), featuring a pattern of gold and black rims with glitter. They are more popular than regular Yozakura(夜桜) and are widely sold across the country. The above individual is closer to a Yozakura(夜桜) Gold.

Yozakura(夜桜) Blue

Yozakura(夜桜) Blue is the opposite of Gold, with no yellow and a strong blue hue. If the head is blue, it can be called Yozakura(夜桜) Blue. Similar to Sapphire, but with black rims, giving them a panda-like face.

Incidentally, a significant number of siblings of the individual in this image were also born looking unmistakably like Yozakura(夜桜) Blue.

Yozakura(夜桜) Tricolor

Tricolor-patterned Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka are very beautiful but rare and hard to find.

Wings of Oblivion

With a similar body color to Yozakura(夜桜), this variety has long fins and normal scales. Other medaka similar to Yozakura(夜桜) include Kira and Ulysses.

Pricing of Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka

Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka are the most well-known among glitter medaka and are sold nationwide. Therefore, you can purchase them for as low as a few hundred yen.


Yozakura(夜桜) Medaka is a highly popular selectively bred medaka. With their wide variety of patterns and high collection value, they differ greatly depending on the breeder. They are also easy to care for and breed, making them a recommended variety for beginners.


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