Characteristics, Care, Breeding, Price, and Accessibility of Miyuki (幹之) Medaka


Miyuki Medaka

Characteristics, Care, Breeding, Price, and Accessibility of Miyuki (幹之) Medaka

Characteristics of Miyuki Medaka

Miyuki Medaka

Miyuki Medaka is a type of selectively bred medaka, created in 2008 by Takashi Suga, who improved the blue medaka. The name “Miyuki” originates from the name of Suga’s daughter.

The distinguishing feature of Miyuki Medaka is the blue-white glow, known as “external light.” This unique trait was passed down to various selectively bred medaka that trace their lineage to the Miyuki.

At first, Miyuki Medaka were called “tenkou,” as only a small part of their backs glowed. Through further refinement, the glow now covers the entire back in “full-body external light” varieties. Miyuki Medaka have continued to evolve, with the “Iron Mask” variety having a glowing face and the “Platinum Miyuki” shining from belly to face.

Care of Miyuki Medaka

Miyuki Care

Since their creation over 15 years ago, the bloodline has become genetically stable, making Miyuki Medaka easy to care for. They’re resilient, easier to keep than many selectively bred medaka, and ideal for beginners.

Breeding of Miyuki Medaka

Miyuki Medaka are easy to breed, producing many eggs that are hardy and have a high hatch rate. Their simple care and breeding make it effortless for even beginners to increase their numbers.

Fixation Rate of Miyuki Medaka

Miyuki Medaka have a high fixation rate, estimated at over 90%. However, not all offspring inherit the external light, and some emerge as simple blue medaka.

Miyuki Derivative Varieties

  • Iron Mask: This variant features external light that extends to the face.
  • Platinum Miyuki: A version that glows all over its body.
  • Seiga (Star River): Characterized by glittery sides, this variety is a work of famous breeder Mr. Nakazato.
  • Radenkou (Mother of Pearl Glow): Features external light similar to Miyuki, but with a distinct bloodline.

Market Value and Accessibility of Miyuki Medaka

Miyuki Medaka are widely available and sold at most medaka specialty stores and home centers. They’re known and affordable, often priced between 300-500 yen per fish.

Most Improved Medaka Are Miyuki Offshoots

Many improved medaka like Shinkai, Midorikou, and Black Miyuki are derivatives of Miyuki. Body-external light varieties such as Mariage and Red Cliff all draw from the Miyuki lineage.


Miyuki Medaka are an excellent choice for beginners due to their easy availability and straightforward care. Their stunning beauty makes them ideal for beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. Give them a try!



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