About Cobra Medaka: Breeding, Characteristics, and Reproduction

**About the New Medaka Variety “Cobra” Announced in 2022**


**What is Cobra (Medaka)? Characteristics and Breeding History**

Cobra is a new medaka variety created in 2022 by a breeder named Marimoya. In 2023, a Savannah Medaka Cobra was auctioned on Yahoo Auctions for a high price of 300,000 yen. Additionally, real long-fin Cobras have been traded for over 500,000 yen. As of March 2023, Cobra medaka are still rare and difficult to obtain.

**Characteristics of Cobra**

Cobra was created by crossing Gosiki and Rouga medaka. Its features include a brown to purple body color with glitter. Additionally, like Gosiki medaka, its fins have yellow. The most distinctive feature of Cobra is the “framing glitter” that appears as a net-like glitter pattern on the body’s sides. This medaka is highly valued for its lateral view, and it is expected to become popular in the future.

**Breeding Cobra**

Cobra can be raised in the same way as other medaka. Since it has a normal body type, it is not difficult to keep. I have been raising Cobra since 2022, and I find it very robust and resistant to diseases.

**Reproduction of Cobra**

Reproduction of Cobra is easy. Cobra lays a lot of eggs daily, and many of them are fertilized, making it easy to increase their numbers.

**Fixation Rate of Cobra**

The fixation rate of Cobra is very high. Currently, I have dozens of young fish, most of which resemble their parents. This is an astonishing figure among improved medaka varieties. Most young Cobras have glitter, but whether the framing glitter appears requires further growth.

**Derivative Varieties of Cobra Medaka**

Here are some derivative varieties of Cobra Medaka.

**Cobra Long Fin**

This is a long-fin type of Cobra. Occasionally available on Yahoo Auctions, it is very expensive, often costing over 10,000 yen per fish.

**Cobra Kissing Wide Fin**

This type of Cobra has fins that spread wide like a marriage, with shining tips. At this level, it resembles tropical fish like bettas or guppies rather than medaka. It was auctioned for 1 million yen per pair on Yahoo Auctions.

**Price of Cobra**

Cobra is very expensive. Due to its rarity, it fetches high prices on Yahoo Auctions. A normal Cobra can cost several thousand yen for juveniles and tens of thousands of yen per pair. Real long fins or kissing types can cost hundreds of thousands of yen. If more people start breeding Cobras, like Red Cliff, the price may decrease. However, if the supply does not increase, Cobra will remain hard to obtain.


Cobra medaka emerged in 2022 and are currently rare. Although they are traded at high prices and are difficult to obtain, they are very beautiful. I am currently raising several dozen Cobra juveniles myself.


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