Comprehensive Guide to the Cloud Gray Diamond medaka: Care, Breeding, Fixation Rate, and Pricing!

In this article, we’ll explain the care and breeding of the Cloud Gray Diamond, a type of selectively bred medaka fish.

Characteristics of the Cloud Gray Diamond

We’ll cover the characteristics of this selectively bred medaka, the Cloud Gray Diamond.

The Cloud Gray Diamond was developed in 2022 by the renowned breeder Yoshinori Nakazato. This variety is a strongly improved version of the Black Diamond medaka, specifically its shiny scales.

The Black Diamond was originally created by Nakazato by crossbreeding the pitch-black Orochi with the shiny medaka variety known as “Seiga.” However, the Black Diamond only had shiny scales on its sides, with little shine on its back.

In response, Nakazato developed the Cloud Gray Diamond to have shiny scales across its entire back as well. Initially sold under the name “Top View Strong Shiny Black Diamond,” this new variety underwent further improvement and started to be marketed as the Cloud Gray Diamond around 2022.

Care for the Cloud Gray Diamond

Caring for the Cloud Gray Diamond is straightforward. Nakazato’s medaka varieties are all hardy and easy to keep, so beginners should have no trouble raising them.

Breeding the Cloud Gray Diamond

Breeding the Cloud Gray Diamond is also straightforward. They produce plenty of eggs, and there’s no significant issue with reproduction. Even beginners will find it easy to breed these fish.

Fixation Rate of the Cloud Gray Diamond

The Cloud Gray Diamond has a very high fixation rate. The original Black Diamond variety already had a high fixation rate, even higher than the Orochi. When two Cloud Gray Diamonds are crossbred, over 90% of their offspring will have the same characteristics as their parents.

Derivative Variety: Cloud Gray Daruma

Let me introduce the derivative variety, the “Cloud Gray Daruma,” which you can learn more about [here]( Developed by Chikushi Medaka, the Cloud Gray Daruma is an improved version of the Cloud Gray Diamond, featuring the distinctive Daruma shape. This rare and adorable medaka variety is rarely found on the market and can fetch tens of thousands of yen per pair, but its eggs can be bought for less than one-hundredth of that price.

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Availability and Pricing of the Cloud Gray Diamond

Since the Cloud Gray Diamond was released just last year, it’s still somewhat challenging to obtain. However, its popularity ensures that most specialized shops should carry it. Initially expensive at launch, its current high fixation rate has made them widely available for less than several thousand yen per pair.

Conclusion on the Cloud Gray Diamond

The Cloud Gray Diamond is a highly popular medaka. It’s affordable, easy to raise, and has a high fixation rate. Additionally, the “Cloud Gray Daruma,” an improved derivative of the Cloud Gray Diamond, is also available for purchase. Although pairs can sell for tens of thousands of yen, their eggs can be obtained for less than one-hundredth of the price.

While the Cloud Gray Diamond is already widely available, the Cloud Gray Daruma remains extremely rare, and very few people own them. Since caring for them is no different from regular medaka, consider purchasing one today!

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