About Tri Color Medaka (Sankyo Rame): Breeding Methods and Characteristics


**About Tri Color Medaka (sanshoku Rame): Breeding Methods and Characteristics**

This time, I will explain about the improved medaka variety “sanshoku Rame.”

**Characteristics of sanshoku Rame**

The official name of sanshoku Rame is “sanshoku Rame Miyuki.” It was created in 2016 by the premium medaka specialty shop “Seirakuan.” The characteristics of sanshoku Rame include red, black, and white body colors with glitter on the back. However, the expression of sanshoku Rame can vary depending on the breeder, sometimes showing various colorful glitters or adding blue to the red, black, and white.

**Grades of sanshoku Rame**

The grade of sanshoku Rame varies depending on the pattern. The criteria differ among individuals, but it is commonly agreed that sanshoku Rame with three distinct colors and clear patterns are considered high grade.

The sanshoku Rame in the Twitter image above is of very high grade, with clearly defined three-color patterns.

Especially, sanshoku Rame with red on the head and balanced black and white on the body are very rare and expensive.

**Breeding sanshoku Rame**

Breeding sanshoku Rame is similar to other medaka. Since sanshoku Rame have a normal body type, they are not particularly susceptible to diseases and are easy to keep.

**Reproduction of sanshoku Rame**

sanshoku Rame lay a large number of eggs and are easy to breed. In my experience, sanshoku Rame lay so many eggs because they need to be mass-produced due to their low fixation rate, possibly leading to the selection of females that lay many eggs.

**Fixation Rate of sanshoku Rame**

The fixation rate of sanshoku Rame is very low. The probability of individuals displaying red, white, and black colors is said to be about 10% to 20%. Additionally, the stunning sanshoku Rame with a bright red head and balanced black and white body seen in books and magazines are extremely rare.

The probability of producing such high-quality sanshoku Rame is about 1 in 1000.

Very few breeders are dedicated to achieving this level of quality, but to maintain the beauty of sanshoku Rame, it is necessary to raise at least several thousand fry.

**Varieties of sanshoku Rame**

Here are some derivative varieties of sanshoku Rame.

**sanshoku Rame Body Light**

sanshoku Rame Body Light features external light (glowing back) like Miyuki in addition to the sanshoku Rame traits. The sanshoku Rame currently sold at Seirakuan have been replaced by this body light type.

**sanshoku Rame Miyuki Sapphire Line**

Seirakuan has created a variety with blue glitter from the Sapphire line on sanshoku Rame. However, its quality is much lower than sanshoku Rame, and it rarely shows distinct three-color patterns. Nevertheless, colorful medaka with blue glitter are very beautiful and traded at high prices.

**Reiwa sanshoku**

Reiwa sanshoku features red fins due to the Reiwa gene, in addition to the three-color body. It is a beautiful variety, but it is not widely circulated and is rarely seen.

**Kohaku Rame**

Kohaku Rame is a derivative of sanshoku Rame, featuring red and white glitter. When breeding sanshoku Rame, individuals with black removed, leaving only red and white, appear and are bred to create Kohaku Rame.

**Price of sanshoku Rame**

Due to the very low fixation rate of sanshoku Rame, high-grade individuals are very expensive. Some are traded for tens of thousands to over 100,000 yen. However, lower-grade sanshoku Rame can be purchased for around 1000 yen.


sanshoku Rame is a highly refined variety with beautiful red, black, and white body colors and glitter. However, due to its low fixation rate and high difficulty, many eggs need to be collected, and some breeders focus exclusively on sanshoku Rame.


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