Goblin Medaka Detailed Guide on Raising, Breeding, and Stabilizing

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of how to raise, breed, and stabilize the “Goblin” variety of improved medaka fish.

Characteristics of Goblin Medaka

Goblin is a type of improved medaka introduced in 2023 by Medakaya Savanna.

It is a cross between Saguaro (Matsui Fins Long) and Prometheus, characterized by its densely packed, shiny scales, inherited from Saguaro’s green-tinted lame.

Although Goblin is a type of glittering medaka, it has a robust body and minimal back curving, giving it a powerful and impressive appearance from both side and top views.

Goblins are almost exclusively sold by Savanna and not commonly found in other stores. Therefore, it’s best to purchase from a reliable breeder or order Goblin eggs online.

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Care and Breeding of Goblin Medaka

Caring for Goblin medaka is the same as for other medaka. There are no particular difficulties.

About Breeding Goblin Medaka

Goblins breed easily and lay many eggs. An acquaintance of mine who raises Goblins says they lay eggs daily, making breeding quite straightforward.

About the Fixation Rate of Goblin Medaka

Goblin has a high fixation rate. Being a solid color medaka, unlike the tricolor or red and white varieties, its color does not vary much. Therefore, the fixation rate of Goblin can be considered quite good.

However, variations such as non-glittering types, insufficient lame, or incorrect green color do occur. Especially since Goblin is a newly developed variety, its fixation rate is not as high as established varieties like Empress or Main.

Difficulty, Price, and Market Rate of Acquiring Goblin Medaka

Goblin medaka are very difficult to obtain. While you can definitely purchase them at Medaka Savanna, they are still very expensive, costing over 10,000 yen per pair. Since they have not been released for long, they are rarely available at other medaka stores. Thus, it is advisable to buy eggs online if you want to acquire Goblins.


Goblin medaka are quite unique with their green color and are still very rare in the market, making them a fascinating purchase. They are easy to care for, making them suitable for beginners as well. You can purchase Goblin eggs from the Medaka Egg Shop, so if you are interested in raising Goblins, do give them a try!

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