Essential Equipment and Supplies for Medaka Fish Care: A Checklist for Medaka Aquarium Keeping

This guide focuses on tools needed for indoor aquarium-based medaka fish keeping.

Essential Items for Medaka Fish Care

First, let’s introduce the items that are absolutely necessary for keeping medaka fish.

Aquarium (Tank)

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The first thing you need is an aquarium that holds water. **Glass tanks are fine, and you can also use plastic cases, jars, or even tupperware as long as they retain water.**

Medaka are small, so you can raise them in small containers.

If you plan to keep them outdoors, you can use larger containers like water pots or basins.

How Many Liters Should Your Aquarium Have?

How many liters does your aquarium need to be? It’s often said that each fish needs 1 liter of capacity, but **in practice, you should estimate about 2-3 liters per fish**.

This is because a new aquarium tends to dirty quickly. After about a month, the water quality stabilizes. Adding too many fish early on can cause disease or sudden death.

It’s best to prepare an aquarium larger than you think you’ll need.

For instance, **a 30 cm tank (S size) has a capacity of about 10 liters, but when starting from scratch, you should limit it to around 3-5 fish** to avoid problems.


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Food is essential for keeping medaka fish. While some people use live food like daphnia or bloodworms, most people use commercial fish food.

Powdered feed is inexpensive and easy to find at supermarkets and hardware stores. **The gold packaging in the image is the most popular medaka feed**.

Food that promotes breeding is best, but for casual hobbyists, any feed will suffice.

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Buckets are needed for water changes. Do not use buckets that have been used for cleaning, as detergents can contaminate them.

It’s best to buy a new bucket specifically for medaka, easily available at discount stores.


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Nets are used to catch medaka when changing water, adding new fish, or transferring to a new tank.

Water Change Pump

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A pump makes water changes easier compared to using a bucket. Dedicated pumps are available, but a kerosene pump can be used as well.

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Kerosene pumps are very affordable, but pumps that have been used for kerosene should never be used for fish tanks.

Optional Items for Easier Medaka Fish Care

The items mentioned above are all you really need to keep medaka.

Some people successfully keep medaka indoors without air pumps, sand, or lights. However, these items can make care easier, especially for beginners.


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