Reiwa Sapphire Medaka: Comprehensive Guide on Characteristics, Breeding, Stability Rate, and Price

This article thoroughly explains the characteristics, care, breeding, stability rate, and price of the improved medaka “Reiwa Sapphire” (Reiwa Black Lame Mikuni Sapphire type).

Characteristics of Reiwa Sapphire (Reiwa Black Lame Mikuni Sapphire type)


The Reiwa Sapphire (Reiwa Black Lame Mikuni Sapphire type) is a type of medaka developed in 2022 by the prominent medaka shop Seirakuan.

The Reiwa Sapphire features a gorgeous appearance with sapphire blue lame scales and the Reiwa gene, which turns the fins red. Simply put, it is a sapphire medaka whose fins turn red and whose back gleams with blue lame.

Reiwa Sapphire Sapphire

As you can see from the images, Reiwa Sapphire looks quite different from the typical Sapphire medaka. Its lame is not entirely blue but ranges from blue to gold, and its body color is not solely black but includes clear brown and amber lame, making it lighter.

The Reiwa Sapphire (Reiwa Black Lame Mikuni Sapphire type) allows for a wide range of expressions due to its significant variability among individuals.

Care for Reiwa Sapphire (Reiwa Black Lame Mikuni Sapphire type)

The Reiwa Sapphire is very robust and disease-resistant, making it easy to care for. Unlike the typical Sapphire, it is not particularly skittish and can be raised just like any other medaka.

Breeding Reiwa Sapphire (Reiwa Black Lame Mikuni Sapphire type)

Breeding Reiwa Sapphire is straightforward. It can be bred just like any other medaka, producing a large number of eggs with basic care.

Stability Rate of Reiwa Sapphire

While the stability rate of Reiwa Sapphire is generally high, there is significant variability. Normal Sapphires are known for their high stability, with all offspring being Sapphires, but Reiwa Sapphire produces a variety of individuals.

Reiwa Sapphire is not just any sapphire due to its variety of lame and lighter body colors, and not all individuals express the Reiwa gene that turns the fins red.

However, with a stability rate of over 70%, Reiwa Sapphire is considered to have high ornamental value.

Price of Reiwa Sapphire

When Reiwa Sapphire (Reiwa Black Lame Mikuni Sapphire type) was released in 2022, it was sold for 100,000 yen per pair. Seirakuan, known for its high-priced medaka, priced Reiwa Sapphire among the most expensive.

Even now, as the line continues to be refined, the latest “BR-05” still sells for tens of thousands to over 100,000 yen.

However, almost two years after its release, it is sometimes found online or in specialty stores for a few thousand yen per pair. Still, it remains rare, so purchasing online is advisable.


Reiwa Sapphire (Reiwa Black Lame Mikuni Sapphire type) is a highly ornamental medaka with stunning lame and red fins. Among lame medaka, it is considered one of the best due to its popularity and relatively high stability rate.

It is recommended to purchase Reiwa Sapphire eggs. Reiwa Sapphire eggs are available at Medaka Egg Shop, starting at 50 yen each, so feel free to make a purchase!



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