Ryusho Hoshi(竜章鳳姿・Dragon phoenix ) Medaka (Dragon Phoenix Medaka): Characteristics, Care, Breeding, Price, and Where to Buy ? Detailed Explanation!

Ryusho Hoshi Medaka (Dragon Phoenix Medaka): Characteristics, Care, Breeding, Price, and Where to Buy – Detailed Explanation!
In this article, we will comprehensively discuss the characteristics, care, breeding, price, and where to buy the Ryusho Hoshi Medaka, an improved breed of Medaka.

What is Ryusho Hoshi Medaka? Characteristics of Ryusho Hoshi

Ryusho Hoshi Medaka

Let’s discuss the characteristics of Ryusho Hoshi Medaka.

Ryusho Hoshi Medaka was developed in 2021 by Hosidamedaka. The distinctive features of Ryusho Hoshi Medaka are “Vermilion Black Rim Hikari Type Matsui Long Fin.”

More specifically, this Medaka exhibits a vermilion color with a black rim pattern (black mesh-like pattern = black rim), and combines the Hikari body type with the Matsui long-fin type.

Ryusho Hoshi Medaka belongs to the long-fin variety of Medaka with black rim body color, similar to other types like Goshiki and Raikou, or the princess Otohime. In fact, the breeder from Hosidamedaka who developed Otohime, also developed Ryusho Hoshi as a stable strain of long-fin Otohime. This is evident as breeding Ryusho Hoshi often produces individuals with fins similar to Otohime.

Ryusho Hoshi Medaka, as shown in the image, is known for its elegantly unique appearance far removed from typical Medaka. However, black rims generally have low stability rates, and combining long fins and Hikari types further reduces the stability rate. Consequently, Ryusho Hoshi Medaka, called “the king of Medaka,” remains highly popular even three years after its release.

Care for Ryusho Hoshi Medaka

Caring for Ryusho Hoshi Medaka is relatively more challenging among improved Medaka breeds. I have kept various types of Medaka, but Ryusho Hoshi has proven particularly tricky.

Firstly, if you buy adult Ryusho Hoshi, they are noticeably more prone to losing weight than other Medaka, especially in indoor environments. Therefore, when keeping Ryusho Hoshi indoors, ensure to feed them adequately to prevent weight loss. Outdoor care does not generally cause this issue.

Moreover, since adult Ryusho Hoshi are also relatively more susceptible to diseases, ensure to treat new purchases immediately. Feed treated with Paraclear is recommended to prevent parasites.

However, raising them from eggs reduces the risk of issues and is more cost-effective. It is recommended to purchase and raise Ryusho Hoshi from eggs.

Breeding Ryusho Hoshi Medaka

Breeding Ryusho Hoshi Medaka is the same as other Medaka; in fact, they are prolific breeders.

However, the eggs of Ryusho Hoshi are prone to rotting, and it is essential to remove the adhesive threads and sterilize with methylene blue.

Also, the fry of Ryusho Hoshi display notably lower vitality compared to other breeds. Therefore, it is crucial to feed the fry abundantly to prevent starvation. Once past the fry stage, they can be raised as robustly as other Medaka.

About the Stability Rate of Ryusho Hoshi Medaka

The stability rate of Ryusho Hoshi Medaka is relatively low. Firstly, the probability of obtaining a splendid Ryusho Hoshi with a clean black rim pattern as shown in the image is about 20%. Consequently, to acquire a beautiful Ryusho Hoshi, it is necessary to raise them in large numbers.

Additionally, some individuals may not develop long fins and only exhibit the Hikari body type. However, if you are not particular about the pattern, the stability rate is not too low.

About the Price of Ryusho Hoshi Medaka

Due to its low stability rate, Ryusho Hoshi Medaka tends to be priced higher. Even three years after its release, it can still be sold for several tens of thousands of yen.

Generally, Medaka sellers tend to avoid selling breeds like Ryusho Hoshi with low stability rates and difficulty in breeding, making them rare in the market. Therefore, when purchasing Ryusho Hoshi, utilizing online sales is advisable.

Summary of Ryusho Hoshi Medaka

Although caring for Ryusho Hoshi Medaka is similar to other Medaka, they exhibit some unique challenges. Particularly, buying adults can often lead to diseases being introduced or infections spreading to existing Medaka, causing them to die.

Therefore, it is recommended to raise Ryusho Hoshi from eggs. Medaka’s Egg Shop sells Ryusho Hoshi eggs in units of several dozen. They are very affordable, starting at about 30 yen per egg, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

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