What is Redcliff Medaka (Kohaku Type, Dark Type, Albino)? Characteristics, Care Methods, Breeding, Stability Rate, and Where to Buy?

In this article, we will explain what Redcliff Medaka, specifically the Redcliff Kohaku and Redcliff Dark types, are. We will detail the characteristics, care methods, breeding, stability rate, price, and where to purchase them.

What is Redcliff? Characteristics of Redcliff Kohaku and Redcliff Dark

Redcliff Kohaku Type

The image above is the Redcliff Kohaku. First, let us discuss what Redcliff is and its characteristics.

Redcliff Kohaku was developed in September 2022 by a breeder named Masashi Tarumi and was first sold by Muchu Medaka.

Redcliff Kohaku is characterized by a red and white body with a Ganin-like body light (white light on the back) and blue-white glowing fins.

Moreover, the fins are wide, similar to those of tropical Betta fish, making it a stunningly beautiful form.

Redcliff Kohaku initially had an unimaginable body color with a red body and blue fins, and it was auctioned off at Yahoo Auctions for an unprecedented price of 1.5 million yen.

This still holds the record for the highest price for a Medaka as of 2023 and remains unbeaten.

Although the price has settled down somewhat now, Redcliff Kohaku still enjoys high popularity and is traded at high prices mainly online.

Since Redcliff Kohaku can be expensive as live specimens, it is recommended to purchase eggs. You can buy them for around 100 yen each, making them accessible even for beginners.

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Redcliff Dark Type

Redcliff Dark Type

Alongside the Redcliff Kohaku, the Redcliff Dark type was also released. Unlike the Kohaku, the body color of the Dark type is brown.

The Redcliff Dark type was also initially auctioned for several hundred thousand yen at Yahoo Auctions.

The Dark type is less variable than the Kohaku, with more stable and uniform patterns. Currently, they are sold for several thousand to about ten thousand yen per pair.

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Redcliff Albino

Albinos occasionally appear when breeding Redcliff Kohaku types. These albinos have been selectively bred to create the Redcliff Albino line. Redcliff Albinos are rare in the market and are seldom seen.

Care and Breeding of Redcliff (Kohaku & Dark)


Redcliff, both Kohaku and Dark, are very robust and easy to care for. They are active swimmers and prolific breeders, making them suitable for beginners.

Moreover, breeding Redcliff is incredibly straightforward. They produce many eggs, most of which are fertilized, whether Kohaku or Dark.

Redcliff also has high hatching and fry survival rates, making it easy to increase their numbers.

Although considered a luxury Medaka, Redcliff is easier to keep than some other types, such as Satan Medaka.

About the Stability Rate of Redcliff (Kohaku & Dark)

We will explain the stability rate of Redcliff.

Stability Rate of Redcliff Dark Type

Redcliff Dark Type

The stability rate of the Redcliff Dark type is very high. When Redcliff Dark types are bred together, almost all the offspring are born resembling their parents.

Especially the body type’s stability is high, and nearly all individuals are born with wide fins. However, some individuals may not exhibit body light or have weak fin glow, requiring some selection.

When breeding Redcliff Dark, about 10% of the offspring may be Kohaku. Although Kohaku is more valuable, using Kohaku born from Dark parents will likely not result in 100% Kohaku offspring.

Stability Rate of Redcliff Kohaku

Redcliff Kohaku

The stability rate of Redcliff Kohaku is relatively low. The stability rate of Kohaku Medaka is inherently low, and their patterns are prone to variation.

For this reason, when breeding Redcliff Kohaku, individuals without body light or those that are all white or all red may appear.

A Tancho (with a red head and back completely covered in body light like in the image) Kohaku appearing is less than 10%.

However, more than half the offspring could still be considered decent Redcliff Kohaku, and with careful selection of broodstock, enjoyable results can be achieved.

Prices of Redcliff (Kohaku & Dark)

We will discuss the prices of Redcliff.

Price of Redcliff Dark

The price of Redcliff Dark has significantly decreased due to its high stability rate and ease of mass production. Currently, they are available for purchase for several thousand to about ten thousand yen. Also, due to its high distribution volume, it is frequently seen in Medaka specialty stores and is easy to obtain.

Price of Redcliff Kohaku

Redcliff Kohaku was initially sold for over one million yen but, after more than a year, is now sold for ten thousand to several tens of thousands of yen.

However, as previously mentioned, the stability rate of Redcliff Kohaku is low, and it is unlikely to increase in the future, so prices are not expected to drop dramatically.

Moreover, Redcliff Kohaku is rarely seen in specialty stores, possibly due to its low stability rate, making it somewhat difficult to obtain.

Price of Redcliff Albino

Redcliff Albino was initially traded at very high prices, but now the prices have stabilized somewhat. However, Redcliff Albino is still rarely circulated and difficult to obtain, hence its price remains relatively high. Adult pairs can cost several tens of thousands of yen.

Summary of Redcliff Kohaku


Redcliff Kohaku continues to enjoy very high popularity today.

However, because the prices are substantial, it is recommended for beginners to start with eggs.

Medaka’s Egg Shop sells eggs starting from around 100 yen each, making it a recommended option.

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