What is reckless(レクリス) Medaka? A Comprehensive Guide on Its Characteristics, Care, Breeding, Market Value, and Stability Rate

In this article, we will discuss the reckless Medaka, a variety of improved medaka. We’ll cover the characteristics, care, breeding, market value, and stability rate of reckless(レクリス) Medaka in depth.

Characteristics of reckless(レクリス) Medaka

reckless(レクリス) Medaka was developed in 2021 by “Mai Medaka”. The distinctive features of reckless(レクリス) are the Matsui Long Fin body shape and gold glitter. reckless(レクリス), also known as “Matsui Long Fin,” features elongated fins that give it an elegant appearance, similar to guppies or bettas. Additionally, some individuals may have red-tinted fins.

The color is a bright, uniform gold with glitter shining along the back. Due to its striking appearance, it was named reckless(レクリス), which means ‘reckless’ in English.

Care for reckless(レクリス) Medaka

Caring for reckless(レクリス) Medaka is quite straightforward. I have kept numerous reckless(レクリス) myself and can confirm they can be cared for just like any other medaka. However, they tend to be slightly more delicate than varieties like Oryzias or Ganin, so regular water changes and maintaining clean water quality are essential.

Breeding reckless(レクリス) Medaka

Breeding reckless(レクリス) is also quite simple. They have a high number of offspring, and breeding can be conducted almost identically to other medaka varieties.

Stability Rate of reckless(レクリス) Medaka

The stability rate of reckless(レクリス) Medaka is extremely high. I have raised over a hundred juvenile reckless(レクリス), and nearly all of them were stable at a rate close to 100%.

Most individuals are born resembling their parents, which indicates a very high stability rate for reckless(レクリス). The uniform gold body color also contributes to a higher stability rate compared to tricolor varieties.

However, the extent of this stability, especially for medaka with glitter characteristics, is comparable only to the Sapphire variety. Furthermore, the long fin trait is also mostly hereditary, making selection quite straightforward. Nonetheless, not all individuals develop red fins, which is not 100% heritable.

Price of reckless(レクリス) Medaka

reckless(レクリス) Medaka has been highly popular, and prices were initially high upon its release. However, as of 2023, prices have stabilized somewhat. Still, pairs are commonly sold for several thousand yen, indicating that they remain in a high price range.

reckless(レクリス) Medaka is popular but not yet widely distributed, so many specialized medaka shops do not carry them. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase reckless(レクリス) online if you are interested.


reckless(レクリス) Medaka is a stunning fish with a gold body, Matsui Long Fins, and potentially red fins. It has a very high stability rate, making it recommended for both advanced enthusiasts and beginners. Among the dozens of medaka varieties I’ve handled, only a few recently developed varieties like Sapphire and reckless(レクリス) have shown such high stability rates. I highly recommend trying your hand at breeding them!

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