Eye of the dragon(龍の瞳)Medaka: A Detailed Guide on Characteristics, Care, and Breeding

This article provides a detailed explanation of the improved medaka variety “Eye of the dragon.”(龍の瞳) We’ll discuss its characteristics, care, and breeding.

Characteristics of Eye of the dragon

Eye of the dragon, which translates to “Dragon’s Eyes,” was developed in 2018 by a breeder named “Neko Manma.” Its distinctive features include being albino with external shine and long fins. Primarily, Eye of the dragon lacks black pigmentation due to its albino trait, resulting in red eyes and a pure white body. Being an albino of the Mikuni lineage, it exhibits an external glow, causing its back and fin tips to appear bluish-white.

Care for Eye of the dragon

Although albinos are typically considered difficult to care for due to their susceptibility to disease, Eye of the dragon is quite the contrary. In fact, it’s as hardy as regular medaka varieties. Despite common perceptions of albinos being frail, many albino medaka breeds are robust, and Eye of the dragon is no exception. Those with experience in raising standard medaka will find no issues in caring for this variety.

Breeding Eye of the dragon

Breeding Eye of the dragon is surprisingly easy. They lay many eggs, and the fry are hardy. However, due to their poor eyesight from being albino, they are less adept at spotting food. Consequently, Eye of the dragon fry grow slower than typical medaka; while other varieties might reach maturity in two months, Eye of the dragon may take about three months. Other than their growth rate, they can be bred and raised just like any other medaka variety.

Stability Rate of Eye of the dragon

The stability rate of Eye of the dragon is exceptionally high. Breeding two Eye of the dragon typically results in over 99% of the offspring being albino. Only very rarely does a non-albino medaka appear, perhaps less than one in a hundred. However, there is some variability in the length of the fins; not all offspring will have long fins. Despite this, compared to other breeds which often show much lower stability rates, Eye of the dragon’s rate is considered very high.

Price of Eye of the dragon

Eye of the dragon is among the more popular albino medaka. It has remained a bestseller for over five years since its release. Initially quite expensive, its price has now stabilized, making it accessible even for beginners. However, due to its popularity and the limited number of breeders, Eye of the dragon tends to be priced on the higher side, with pairs often sold for several thousand yen.


Eye of the dragon is one of the easiest albino medaka to care for, with a high stability rate, making it highly suitable for beginners. Other than its slower growth rate, it is nearly identical in care requirements to other prominent varieties like Yang Guifei or Mikuni. If you’re considering starting with medaka, Eye of the dragon is highly recommended!


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